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Support “Lucia Joyce: Full Capacity” new short film starring Evanna Lynch

47% funded, 53% to go! We would love to see your name as a supporter/believer on our extraordinary crowdfunder to make short film “Lucia Joyce: Full Capacity” honouring Lucia Joyce’s forgotten creative genius, starring Evanna Lynch as Lucia, choreographed by Megan Kennedy of Junk Ensemble, exquisite costume by Claire Garvey, produced and directed by yours truly.  Be part of this magical collaboration, and together let’s re-write the narrative of 20th century Irish Cultural History by restoring Lucia Joyce to her rightful place there as the pioneering Modern Dancer, she was, albeit comet-like, too briefly. Click here to help make this happen!

Evanna Lynch channeling Lucia Joyce at the height of her modern dancing prowess in 1929

Re-creating Berenice Abbott’s 1928 photograph of Lucia Joyce in her self-designed silver fish costume, on Mella Traver’s large format camera. Choreographer Megan Kennedy advising on posture (right). Location: Poetry Ireland.  Direction and Photograph by Deirdre Mulrooney

Evanna Lynch as Lucia Joyce. Costume by Claire Garvey. Chor. by Megan Kennedy. Direction & Photo by Deirdre Mulrooney

Mella Travers taking large format photograph of Evanna Lynch as Lucia Joyce, emulating Berenice Abbott’s 1928 image of Lucia. Photo by Deirdre Mulrooney